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A-MAIZE-ING PERFORMANCE is a creation of Russell Ehrnsberger's skills and unique talents

Russell Ehrnsberger is a computer technician with more than 15 years experiencs. He holds an Associates Degree in Information Technology with a Concentration in Computer Programming and a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology with a Concentration in Web Development. Russell branched out on his own in May of 2012 and has contracted work while learning new skills to better work for the clients.


Shawnee High School
Shawnee High School

Shawnee High School was a great start in the ability to communicate with many different classes and races of people.

Apollo Career Center
Apollo Career Center

Apollo gave Russell the knowledge of business accounting and proper marketing of your business

University of Northwestern Ohio
University of UNOH

At UNOH, Russell continued his business background in the field of Accounting. Russell made the Dean's list with a 3.89 GPA

University of Phoenix
University of Phoenix

Russell completed his technical degree's at the University of Phoenix. Russell carried a 3.3 GPA through 4 years of College

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