Repairing phones, tablets, computers, tv's, gaming

Electronic repiars for all types of devices

Weither you have a phone, tablet, computer, video game, tv, or any other type of electronic device that needs service, A-MAIZE-ING PERFORMANCE has the fix for you.

Is your phone, tablet, or laptop cracked? Is your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer running to slow? Is your television not displaying properly? Is your video game system malfunctioning? We will diagnose, price, and repair your device in a timely manner.

Video Game Repairs
  • Replace defective parts in many models
  • Configure systems for use
Television Repairs
  • Circuit board replacments
  • Diagnose for free
  • Use OEM parts for the repairs

Online Phone Repair Videos

Questions and Answers

Many people have questions and are leary of letting someone work on their devices. This is understandable. I understand the concerns and do my best to ease the clients worry. Below are some frequently asked questions.

How long does the repair take?

The repair times vary for different devices. Estimated times for phones are 45min-1hr. Times for computers range from 30min-3hr. Times for video game and television range from 1hr-3hr.

How long does it take for a shipped in repair?

I repair or flash a shipped in device the day I recieve it. The device is then shipped out the very next day.

How did you start repairing devices?

I have been working with electronics for 15+ years. I started repairing them on a regular basis in 2010 and have been self emplyeed doing so since May 2012.


Will my device work the same as it did?

When a device is taken apart, all screws are accounted for and reinstalled when finished. We do not have extra parts when we finish a repair. As long as the device does not have other issues that were not forseen before the repair, the device will be functioning properly after a repair..

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Reaching me by phone is the quickest way to get a response. Email will be answered within 24 hours. I do my best to contact all cliets in a timely manner

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